Junior school

Our Junior School is typically for learners aged 11 to 14 years. We offer modern and challenging lessons which enable pupils to explore all aspects of the world and beyond. We are passionate about inspiring pupils to fulfill their individual potential through specialist teaching and careful attention to each pupil’s progress. 

Pupils in  the Junior School are taught English, Mathematics, French, Art, Economics, Geography, History, Calculus, Civics, Robotics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, e.t.c. We believe learning can and should be fun emphasizing supporting and rewarding pupils as they each embark on their senior school journey. Pupils in the lower school are expected to grasp newer opportunities to challenge themselves and are encouraged to celebrate their interests and achievements.

Our Junior School students benefit from learning outside the classroom through embarking on field trips for Geography, History, and the Sciences.

Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint

Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint tests have been designed to assess learners at the end of Cambridge Lower Secondary. They are available in English, English as a second language, mathematics and science, and give valuable feedback on learners’ strengths and weaknesses before they progress to the next stage of education.

The tests provide us with an external international benchmark for our student’s performances. Our Year Nine Students (JSS 3) students sit for Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint test series each year, in May. The Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint Programme develops Mathematics, English,Science skills and knowledge.

It benefits our students by:

  1. allowing teachers to assess their learning as they progress.

  2. developing their global outlook and equipping them for success in the modern world

  3. preparing them for IGCSEs/International GCSEs.