Boarding at our school is much more than a kind and nurturing setting. It is an educational experience that provides a foundation for life. We equip pupils with the teaching and facilities they need to attain academic excellence inside the classroom, whilst also offering a plethora of opportunities beyond the classroom walls. We firmly believe that educational excellence is much more than just attaining high grades in exams. We prepare each boarder with the skills and attributes they will need to succeed when they complete their studies with us and embark on life beyond school.


Our pristine boarding facility is within walking distance of the school’s campus, built to provide the comfort, independence, and serenity necessary to cultivate good values. The facilities we offer to our boarding students enable them to enjoy their lives at school to the full – resulting in both impressive exam results and outstanding performances in sports and the arts.


Our Hostel has a welcoming atmosphere and numbers are limited, giving the boarding community a strong sense of identity.

As well as full-time boarding, We are also able to offer both weekly and flexible boarding options.