High School

Entry into the high school is by competitive examination based on English language, Mathematics, Computer studies and General knowledge.


At the junior secondary level, composite subjects in the Arts, Sciences, Commercial and Social Sciences are taught to prepare the students for the demands of senior secondary education. This facilitates a firm grasp of fundamentals and principles of knowledge, a prerequisite for success in future pursuits.


The senior secondary school lays a foundation for tertiary education. The basic subjects taken at the junior secondary school level are at this stage taught at an advanced level. It is a six-year program which exposes students to fundamental principles and application of knowledge in Science, Arts and Social Sciences.


There is a structured and disciplined approach which emphasizes good study skills, application, and reasoning, which in turn fosters self-independence.



At The Concord School, we evaluate every boy or girl on his/her academic merits and also look at other aspects of his/her educational background and profile, including conduct and attitude. The current Head’s recommendation is an important part of this process. The Concord School operates a policy of equal opportunities in matters of disability, social background, race, religion and gender and will not deny a pupil a place for reasons other than those stated. In summary, admission to The Concord School will depend on the school’s ability to be absolutely convinced, that it will be able to educate and develop the prospective pupil to the best of his/her potentials, so as to ascertain that there is every chance that he/she will have a happy and successful school career. The School year begins in early September and it is highly desirable that new pupils should join the School then. Occasionally pupils are admitted to the School in the second term. It is the School’s policy to ensure equitable treatment of all pupils. There is a common standard for entry and admission procedures for girls and boys. The underlying consideration for acceptance or refusal is whether or not, in the School’s judgement, a girl or boy will cope comfortably with the School’s curriculum and expectations. The number of pupils accepted is subject to an upper limit determined annually by the school’s board of governors.

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