High School Admissions

The Concord School is currently admitting students for September 2023 with Entrance Examinations coming up on April 29th, May 20th and July 1st 2023.

The very first step in our admission process is to get an application form which can be obtained from the Client Service Office of the School at the cost of ₦10000(Ten Thousand Naira) each.

It is important to state that the child must meet the age requirement before the application form can be acquired by parents.

Admission Consideration

Admission into the Concord School involves much more than considering academic abilities. We seek to ensure that the Concord School is the perfect fit for every child and parent applying. Our goal is to see every new pupil grow and succeed both in and out of our school and we are particular about maintaining the right environment to ensure this. 

School Tours/Open Day

If you will like to have a tour of the Concord School or take part in our open days, please call 02 291 3950 or email admissions@theconcordschool.org

Entrance Examinations

Secondary School Entrance Assessment

Junior Secondary School 1/Year 7

The School’s Entrance Exam comprises three papers.

Paper 1- English and Verbal reasoning
Paper 2-Mathematics and Quantitative reasoning
Paper 3 General Knowledge (Science, Computing, Social Studies and Current Affairs)

Test into other classes apart from Year 7 is based on the class which the applicant is seeking admission into. Although the general entrance examinations are scheduled for between April and July, special entrance examination sessions are also scheduled for other dates depending on the availability of space in the applicant’s desired year group.

It is important for applicants to bring along their writing materials, mathematical sets and a non-programmable calculator to sit the entrance examination. Although the candidates are expected to get a minimum of 60% in each of the three papers, the School reserves the right NOT to admit a child even if he/she has passed the Entrance exams after the oral interview.

Age Requirement:

At the beginning of a school year in September, candidate seeking admission must have reached the required age by August 31 in that same year. Below are the required ages:

Year 7 – 10 Years of age
Year 8 – 11 Years of age
Year 9 – 12 Years of age
Year 10 – 13 Years of age

Although the school does not permit admission into Years 11 and 12, however, in special conditions, the Director of School will make the decision as to whether to admit the applicant or not.