At the Concord School, Mathematics is one of our most important subjects. We have a team of very experienced teachers commited to sharing our enthusiasm for the subject as well as maximizing the mathematical potential of our students.

Our approach is to make the subject exciting without sacrificing rigour. We believe that as mathematics teachers, we have the responsibility to help students recognize the value and importance of mathematics while also designing instruction that makes mathematics accessible to all students.

Due to the importance we have placed on the subject, each class has a minimum of two teachers covering different areas of the subject. Maths, being a core subject is done everyday for a minimum of 1 class period.



Our syllabus is structured to prepare our students for both the West African Senior Secondary Examinations and the International General Certificate Secondary Examinations in Mathematics.


Utilizing creative solutions, we complete all topics of syllabus for both WAEC and IGCSE exams before the end of the 11th year(SS2) with our students writing the IGCSE exams May/June of that year. 

To give an idea of the exam results which our students at The Concord school achieve at WAEC and IGCSE, we have provided the results in English Language over the most recent year, 2019. WAEC A1-B3:83,3% C4-C6:16.7% IGCSE A*-B:82%, A*-C: 100%