Pastoral Care

At the Concord School, our pupils and students are our greatest asset. We are very passionate about every learner’s holistic and personal development and this has been responsible for the highly structured and effective pastoral care available in the school.

As a result, quality virtues are exhibited in the personal and social development of the entire school community regardless of religious belief, ethnicity or even the child’s age. Every child feels secure participates in all school activities. 

The pastoral care of every child is germane to all teachers and support staff in the school. Our well structured curriculum and daily interactions enable us build children’s self esteem, increase their assertiveness when appropriate and build their sense of judgment between “right” and “wrong”. With synergy between the various Heads of School and each class teacher, matters related to academic progress, behavior and health of a child are relayed to parents. To further strengthen the bond between our teacher and students, we have limited the number of children per class in line with our motto- multum non multa. We also encourage a frequent exchange of information between the school and the parents on the development of the child.

Transcending all that we do from the moment a child is admitted into the school to the time of his or her departure, our pastoral care ensures that there is a smooth transition from one stage to the next and even beyond. Professional trainings are organized every term to share knowledge and improve our communication skills with every child. As a result, members of staff are committed and dedicated to ensuring the happiness of our students as much as they can.

Our housemasters, housemistresses and the house parents, who reside in the school hostel, are responsible for the overall welfare, personal development and monitoring the academic progress of every child under their guardianship.

Prep School

In our Prep School, we cherish the smiles on our pupil’s face and this is the reason the warm welcoming from the school gate down to the classroom. Classroom activity is monitored to ensure the progress of every learner across all subjects and interact regularly with parents through our daily communication book.

High School

As educators, we understand that teenage age comes with challenges that require much attention. Our students in the High School are assigned to mentors who nurture them and help them to grow in confidence and develop relevant study and social skills. We encourage every child to feel secure and fully participate in every activity taking place in school. Through our provision of pastoral care, we aim to demonstrate excellence in personal and social development of the whole high school community.