Chemistry is a very important branch of science. Chemistry is the study of science that deals with constituents of matter like atoms molecules, ions etc; and its properties, structure, behaviour, and interactions among them.


Our Chemistry Department at The Concord School  enables our students acquire not only a powerful scientific understanding, but also the ability to analyse critically, ask pertinent questions and problem solve.


Our Chemistry syllabus enables students understand the technological world in which they live, and take an informed interest in science and scientific developments.


Our students gain an understanding of the basic principles of Chemistry through a mix of theoretical and practical studies. They also develop an understanding of the scientific skills essential for further study at Cambridge International A Level, skills which are useful in everyday life. 


As they progress, learners understand how science is studied and practised, and become aware that the results of scientific research can have both good and bad effects on individuals, communities and the environment.



Our syllabus is structured to prepare our students for both the West African Senior Secondary Examinations and the International General Certificate Secondary Examinations in Chemistry.  


Using an extensive range of practical activities with theory studied. we complete all topics of syllabus for both WAEC and IGCSE exams before the end of the 11th year(SS2) with our students writing the IGCSE exams May/June of that year. 


To give an idea of the exam results which our students at The Concord school achieve at WAEC and IGCSE, we have provided the results in Chemistry over the most recent year, 2019. WAEC A1-B3:100%. IGCSE A*-B:90%, A*-C: 100%