PreP School

Our Prep School

The Preparatory classes are for six to ten-year-olds. Emphasis on the development of basic skills continues and the pace of work quickens. Children are encouraged to read regularly and are constantly given assignments in order to practise their reading skills and revise each day’s lessons. Our six-year olds are usually reading as well as the average nine-year-old.

At Year 5, pupils sit the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Examination. Thus our pupils’ preapredness for secondary education is tested and measured
against the performances of their contemporaries globally.

Learning is Fun

We provide an all-inclusive curriculum which includes Robotics, STEM kits, music and movement, chess, visual art, and drama amongst other activities. We also have special classes aimed to prepare our pupils for leadership in the 21st Century such as Global Perspective and Etiquette.

Well Trained Staff

The high quality of all our programs is closely linked to the quality of our instructors. Teachers with proper training and strong abilities provide the right learning environment for your child. Most of our instructors have an average of 10 years experience in early child education. Our teachers are well trained with majority being Cambridge certified in Teaching and Learning. Each class is equipped with a Class Teacher and at least one Assistant Teacher. Class size is kept small to ensure every child gets adequate attention. 

Safeguarding is our Top Priority

Our School has a strong Safeguarding ethos and we recognise that we play an essential role in protecting children from harm. We hold several seminars both with educators and parents to ensure our pupils are learning and growing the right way

The Concord School is currently admitting students for September 2022.

Limited number of spaces are available from playgroup to Primary 5.

The very first step in our admission process is to obtain an application form which can be acquired at the Client Service Office of the School at the cost of ₦10,000 (Ten Thousand Naira) each. 

It is important to state that the child must meet the age requirement before the application form can be acquired by parents.

Early Years Entrance Assessment

All applicants for Nursery 2 and Reception Class will be required to come into school for assessment which last for a whole day of school. Candidates should come along with their lunch and snacks for the day. Admission into our Playgroup and Nursery is continuous.

Prep School Entrance Assessment

All applicants will be required to sit the School’s Entrance Examination which lasts for 3 hours. English and Mathematics are the subjects tested based on the class which the child is seeking admission into. Additional testing sessions are offered at a later date subject to availability of space.

Candidates should come along with writing materials, mathematical sets. Calculator is not acceptable for this stage. Although students are expected to perform well, the School reserves the right NOT to admit a child even if he/she has passed the Entrance exams.

Admission Consideration

Admission into the Concord School involves much more than considering academic abilities. We seek to ensure that the Concord School is the perfect fit for every child and parent applying. Our goal is to see every new pupil grow and succeed both in and out of our school and we are particular about maintaining the right environment to ensure this.

School Tours/Open Day

If you will like to have a tour of the Concord School or take part in our open days, please call 02 291 3950 or email