Terms and Conditions

In these Terms and Conditions the following expressions shall have the following respective meanings

a) The Concord School and/or ‘the school’ shall mean the whole School, which consists of Pre-School, Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools.

b) Parent(s), means anyone of the Mother, Father, Guardian and any other person who has responsibility for the child.

c) ‘Director of School’ means the head of The Concord School from time to time.
d) ‘Proprietor’ means the Proprietor of The Concord School from time to time.
e) ‘Pupil/Student’ means the child named on the Admission Deposit form.
f) ‘Term’ means each of the three terms in the School Year the duration of which
is determined by the Head of school on behalf of The Concord School.
g) ‘Fees’ mean’s fees at the rate, which is set at the start of each term together
with any extras

2. In those Terms and Conditions reference to any gender shall include all other gender and singular shall include the plural and vice versa.

3. The offer of a place and the Parent’s acceptance will normally be set in:
a) Letter of offer from The Concord School
b) Admission deposit form signed by the Parents

4. Unless the agreement is terminated in accordance with these Terms and Condition, it remains valid in relation to the whole of the period during which it shall be agreed that the pupil/student shall be at The Concord School.

5. Acceptance of a place in any of the above departments means acceptance of a place at The Concord School. Once accepted, progression through the school is automatic unless notice is given.

6. Non-refundable Registration Fees are payable at the time of original registration.

7. All fees must be paid on or before the first day of the term. The liability to pay fees is the joint and several liability of each person who has signed the Admission deposit form as parents.

8. Once a pupil/student is accepted, fees become due for payment until the pupil/student graduate or is withdrawn.

9. A full term written notice is required ‘if a pupil/student leaves the School or one term’s fees will be charged in lieu.

10. Under normal circumstances there is no rebate on fees for days missed by pupil/ student through illness or holidays.

11. Should any cheque payable to the school be returned unpaid by the bank on which it
is drawn, the sum must be reimbursed to the School in cash to counter the cheque
within 7 days. An administration charge of N3000 will be made in these

12. Any increase in fees will usually be upon a term’s notice, but the School reserves the right to increase fees at any
times without any other term, or condition being affected.

13. The School reserves the right to charge interest( after and as well as before judgement) on any overdue amount at the rate of 4% above the School banker’s base lending rate from time to time.

14. All School policies must be complied with and supported by Parents when appropriate. A copy of the School’s policies is available on request. Parents will accept the authority of the Head of School at all times in relation to all matters relating to the School.

15. The Head of School shall have the right to require the withdrawal of any pupil/student, without notice, whose continued attendance would, in’ her sole opinion not be in the best interest of the School and/or any other pupil/student

16. Parents who have concerns in relation to care, discipline or progress of a Pupil/Student must inform the Head of School without delay in writing.’

17. The Concord School may at its discretion and, on giving such notice, as the School considers reasonable, vary any or all of these Terms and Conditions.

18. The School Prospectus sets out some details of The Concord School and its facilities. Although the contents are believed to be accurate at the time of printing, nothing contained in the prospectus shall form part of any agreement between The Concord School and Parents. Parents acknowledge that they have not relied upon its contents when entering into any Agreement.

19. In case of any damage to schools property found to have been caused by any student/pupil, the parents / guardian (as the case may be) of such student/pupil shall be held liable for the repairs or replacement (as deemed appropriate) of such properties

20. These Terms and Conditions and the agreement between the School and the Parents shall be subject to Nigerian Law and the Parties irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction of Nigerian Laws in relation to the same.

We hereby make application for the admission of our child as a Pupil/Student of The Concord School. We agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of the School.

We understand that if it is intended to withdraw our child after he/she has entered the school, a full term notice must be given
or a full term’s fees paid and that we are jointly and severely liable for the payment of School fees, and for the giving of notice
of withdrawal.