Celebrating Consistent Excellence: The Concord School Announces Stellar IGCSE Results for 2023

The wave of academic excellence continues at the Concord School as we announce the Cambridge IGCSE results for our Year 11 students this year. Released on Monday, August 21, 2023, the grades stand as a testimony to the rigorous educational standards we uphold and our unwavering commitment to providing a world-class education. Our institution’s long-standing tradition of excellence has been further validated by these results, following our recent win of the Cambridge High Achievement awards in Computing.

A Legacy of High Performance

In 2022, we had students like Uthman Hameedah who bagged 8A*, Oyatobo Inioluwa with 3A*, 3As, 2Bs, and many more, whose results demonstrated our school’s emphasis on academic excellence. This year is no different. The following students have raised the bar even higher, showcasing the effectiveness of our teaching methods:

  • Olakunle Anuoluwapo: 7A*, 2A
  • Phillips Theophilia: 5A*, 3A
  • Adebayo Jesutoyosi: 5A*, 1A, 2B
  • Akinlaju Olanrewaju: 3A*, 5A
  • Adewumi Oluwafeyikemi: 3A*, 4A, 1B
  • Davis Jadesola: 3A*, 3A, 3B

A Team Effort

These accomplishments are not just individual victories but represent the collective dedication of our teaching staff, who have put forth tremendous effort and expertise to achieve this level of academic prowess. Their commitment to providing comprehensive, student-focused education ensures that our scholars are fully prepared to excel in the Cambridge examinations and beyond.

A Testament to Our Educational Model

While the results this year are remarkable, what is even more fulfilling is our consistency over the years. Winning the Cambridge High Achievement awards in Computing underscores our ability to maintain high academic standards across different subjects. This recognition and our students’ recent results affirm the strength and effectiveness of our educational model.

Future Prospects and High School Admissions

With IGCSE grades like these, our students have an exceptional academic foundation that will undoubtedly open doors for them in top-ranked high schools and universities globally. It further confirms our standing as a center for educational excellence, equipping our students to thrive in their future academic endeavors.

Contact Us

For more information on our Cambridge IGCSE and A-level programs, call us at 0704 446 8561 or email clientservice@theconcordschool.org. Celebrate with us as we congratulate our shining stars on their extraordinary achievements. The future is bright at the Concord School!