Robotics classes give students the opportunity to dive deep into the world of robotics and explore how computer programming and robot design can solve problems big and small!Not only do our robotics programs help to establish science, technology, engineering, and math concepts, they also work to build on students’ team-building skills as they work to complete fun challenges. These collaborative skills are essential for student success, no matter what subject they choose to pursue in the future.

Many other advantages include:

  • Improved creative thinking skills
  • Improved social skills
  • Improved problem-solving skills
  • Improved computer programming skills

Our robotics classes use educational kits like LEGO® WeDo™ Robots to create a perfect mixture of fun and imagination that can help expand your young child’s creative mind. We introduce students to robot design and computer programming using basic machine principles to create robots capable of performing simple tasks.

At the college, we use LEGO® EV3 or NXT, VEX IQ, and other educational kits that mirror programming language used by engineers and scientists to help creative minds put mathematical concepts to the test as they develop a better knowledge of robotics, computer programming, and teamwork.

Technology & Coding

Technology is evolving every day, and companies in every career field are constantly searching for employees that have technology skills. The Concord school creates this experience for children through a wide variety of engaging programs based on coding, and more!

How can technology programs benefit your child’s future? Here are just a few examples:


  • Expands horizons: Our students explore cutting-edge applications of programming and computer science, providing plenty of exercise for curiosity and imagination.
  • Improves problem-solving skills: Technology and coding are all about solving problems. Our passionate educators utilize advanced age-appropriate programs that help develop and improve your child or student’s logical reasoning.
  • Increases motivation: Our programs are structured to help boost confidence so students are motivated to overcome challenges.
  • Improves social skills: Our classes encourage working in teams to solve problems. By interacting with other kids, students develop social skills that can help them excel in any job environment.
  • Improves focus skills: Our technology and coding classes help young our pupils improve their attention to detail and overall levels of focus.


Our teachers have a passion for technology and coding. We utilize latest software as well as other educational tools to help broaden your child’s mind while having fun. Our variety of technology and coding courses offer new ways for kids to learn using an up-to-date and engaging curriculum.