Setting the Tone: Half A Decade of Academic Excellence at The Concord School

At The Concord School, we have a storied history of academic excellence that spans well over a decade. While our exceptional achievements are manifold, today we’ll spotlight our students’ commendable performances in the Cambridge IGCSE examinations from the past five years. From the impressive laureates of 2019 to the shining stars of 2023, each set of results exemplifies our unwavering commitment to fostering intellectual prowess, dedication, and a passion for learning.

The 2019 Trailblazers: Setting the Initial Benchmark

In 2019, our students began what would become a perennial tradition of excellence. Ishola Abdul-Malik emerged as the class valedictorian with an impressive 8A* and 1A. Others, such as Arapaja Ayodeji with 3A*, 3A, 1B, and 1C, and Ojo Ebunoluwa with 1A*, 5A, 1B, and 1C, illustrated that our commitment to quality education was paying off splendidly.

The 2020 Champions: Upholding the Momentum

By 2020, the stellar achievements continued, marking a year of undeniable brilliance. Adewumi Samuel topped the list with 6A* and 2A, while Onifade Oluwatofunmi with 4A*, 3A, and Ogbu Kelly with 3A*, 2A, 3B followed closely, each one a testament to their unrelenting pursuit of academic glory.

The 2022 Milestones: Setting New Records

In 2022, our students not only met the standard but surpassed it. Uthman Hameedah set a new school record with an astounding 8A*, and Oyatobo Inioluwa impressed us all with his balanced score of 3A*, 3A, and 2B, among other outstanding performances.

The Triumphs of 2023: A New Crescendo

Fast forward to 2023, and our students have again done us proud. Olakunle Anuoluwapo scored a phenomenal 7A* and 2A, closely followed by Phillips Theophilia with 5A* and 3A. Adebayo Jesutoyosi, Akinlalu Olanrewaju, Adewumi Oluwafeyikemi, and Davis Jadesola continued this tradition of excellence, each contributing their remarkable scores to our school’s illustrious history.

More Than Just Grades: The Making of a Legacy

While we celebrate individual accomplishments, it is essential to note that these are collective milestones. These achievements manifest the relentless drive, burning ambition, and indomitable spirit that we, at Concord School, have always encouraged and nurtured.

Sustaining Excellence: A Collective Endeavor

Each cohort, each student, serves as a crucial piece of our ever-growing mosaic of excellence. Their performances are not merely records to be beaten but benchmarks that inspire subsequent generations, ensuring that the flame of academic excellence at Concord School never flickers out

As we celebrate these monumental feats, we look forward to the continued brilliance that each new year will undoubtedly bring, forever embedding our name in the annals of academic greatness.

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