A Rare Gem is Gone

On the 2nd of November, a rare gem and a woman of virtue left us when we needed her most, when her family needs her most, when her pupils whom she adoringly calls “darling”, need her most. At the Concord School, our hearts are in deep sorrow as the vacuum she left will be felt by every member of the school community and her highly professional qualities will always be missed by everyone.

Mrs Kehinde Mabel Onajide, as much as we would have loved to say thank you to you once again for the several years of dedication, commitment and hard work contributed to the development of the school, you never waited to receive our accolade and kind gesture. From all of us, our deep condolence goes to her family and loved ones and we pray for the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss at this crucial time.

A Tribute to my Beloved Teacher

How do you expect me to understand that my teacher, Mrs Onajide, won’t be coming back to class anymore? Is this a reality or a mere piece of rumour? When my name was called at closing time some weeks ago, you gave me my lunch box, strapped my bag to my back and bid me goodbye. Was that meant to be a final farewell? I cannot but continue to imagine this is a dream. We haven’t finished our work on Fraction and I hope you haven’t forgotten you promised to explain to me how to change improper fraction to a mixed fraction. I have finished the daily spelling practice; when will you give me another one? When will you come back to school and teach us morning review? Who will sharpen my pencils, give me new erasers and open my stubborn food flask during lunch time?

Mrs Onajide, as I fondly call you and you respond with ‘darling’, the news of your absence is quite shocking to all of us in the class and I hope I have magical powers like Mr Cedric in my favorite cartoon, Sophia the First, just to wiggle my wand and bring you back to life. Although I am yet to understand what it truly meant for someone to die, I am very sure I will miss your smiles, your care and your support.

If you would like to make a financial contribution to assist the family of Mrs Onajide, you can make a transfer to the account below:

Bank Name: FirstBank.  Account Name: Onajide Olusola

Account No: 3034961532 

Please contact us if and when a donation is made. For more information, call 0704 446 8561 or email clientservice@theconcordschool.org