consistent hardwork yields outstanding Cambridge IGCSE results for Year 11 students

It is a time of excellent academic remuneration as the Cambridge IGCSE results for our Year 11 students were released on Monday, August 21, 2022.

A peek of some of our excellent track records are the results of;

Uthman Hameedah- 8A* 

Oyatobo Inioluwa – 3A*, 3As, 2B

Okei David – 2A*, 1A, 4Bs

Adetunbi Abdulrahman – 1 A*, 2 As, 3Bs and 2Cs 

Oladipupo Adenike – 5Bs and 2Cs 

Olaleye Daniel- 3Bs, 4Cs and 1D

This year’s cohort have done fantastically well and we are delighted with them for their commendable academic success. These grades are the outcome of a robust and rigorous process involving all of our teaching staff, who approached the task with great application and integrity.

Reflecting on the commitment and hardwork of the students, it is evident that there is a reward for doggedness and rigorous learning. The outcome of this has been the rewarding result of our students.

This outstanding performance shows our educational credibility in Cambridge examinations proving the effectiveness of our educational model. Congratulations once again to this shinning stars.

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