The Concord School offers a boarding experience like no other. This pristine boarding facility is within walking distance of the school’s campus is built to provide the comfort, independence, and serenity necessary to cultivate good values. Our Hostel has a welcoming atmosphere and numbers are limited, giving the boarding community a strong sense of identity. The accommodation is modern and our staff fosters a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Our facility is well resourced with games and music practice rooms, and school’s sports pitches is located within the gardens.

In the boarding house, our students don’t just learn how to manage their time, but they also learn how to stay and live with other people. They are challenged to develop their interpersonal skills because there is no hiding at boarding house.

  • More Access To Teachers

 In The Concord School students in boarding school usually, have extra learning classes/ activities and also observe prep after having taken their siesta.  In the long run, this improves their academic performance and social skills.

  • Preparation for university after school 

Our House parents play an active role  by rendering assistance and encouraging independence to the students. From the activities, they undertake such as laundry and room cleanliness to waking up on time, with academic school work, challenges students to make responsible decisions. Our Students are more prepared to live outside of their homes, and the transition to college is often a seamless process.

  • Sharpening Social Skills

Students’ living together makes it easy for them to bond and this develops their social skills. Interacting with people you do not know helps children come out of their comfort zones. This builds the confidence in the child helping him/her to deal with real life issues.

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