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Our Mission


The Concord School is a co-educational school for children whose ages range between 15 months to 16 years. Our school statement underpins our approach to all that we do at the school. The Concord community is a friendly, caring community striving for excellence; committed to achievement and sharing in the success of individuals.


The aim of our school is to help children develop lively inquiring minds and a love of learning together with a sense of self-respect and respect for others. We expect high standards from our children. We want all children to achieve the best that they can and to find fulfilment in realizing their full potential while enjoying themselves along the way.


At The Concord School, we believe that education is for life. Academically, we don’t just inject our children with facts, we also enable them to think and reason for themselves. Problem-solving is the cornerstone of our approach to the education of children. Our aim is to develop literate numerate, happy children based on the ethics of hard work.


Socially, our task is to help the children become happy and tolerant adults. Therefore, consideration for others and good manner are part of the school life. At every stage, the children and staff treat each other with mutual respect. Self-discipline and cooperative skills are essential to success.


All children matter equally, irrespective of their ability, sex, race or creed. All are given the opportunity and encouragement to develop their individual academic, artistic, musical and physical talents to the full.