At The Concord School we place key importance on the pastoral care of our pupils, staff and parents. Our school ethos aims to enable our pupils to develop self-esteem, confidence, independence and a sense of responsibility.

Through its provision for pastoral care, The Concord School aims to demonstrate its continuing concern for the personal and social development of the whole school community, regardless of their age, race or religion to encourage each individual to feel secure and able to fully participate in the life of the school and its wider community. It is important that we create strong links between home and school; to maximise learning and ensure a safe, secure environment for all our pupils.

All teachers and support staff have responsibility for the pastoral care of pupils in the school. Through the planned curricular programme and in day to day interactions they have responsibility to build pupils’ esteem, encourage them to be assertive where appropriate and help them to make informed decisions about issues in terms of ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. Form teachers are charged with the day-to-day care of pupils in their Forms. They liaise directly with parents on matters of health, behaviour and academic progress. Parents are kept informed regularly and routinely of all that goes on in school and we ask that they let us know of any happening at home, that might be causing concern to their child.

Our pastoral care system is encompassed in all that we do from the moment a child enters the school until after they leave, ensuring that there is a smooth transition onto the next part of their schooling and beyond.  Staff are always willing to go that extra mile to ensure that the children are as happy as possible.  This is what makes us such a happy school.

At The Concord School, every teacher has a pastoral role and we place great emphasis on enabling children to achieve high academic standards by offering quality teaching and a supportive learning environment. This is set within a caring and friendly community that recognises the needs of individual children. We attach importance to moral and spiritual values and Golden Rules, which are central to the way in which the children are encouraged to learn to work and play together. We challenge the children to rise to our high expectations, encouraging them to extend their academic horizons and develop independence coupled with self-discipline and self-motivation. Growing up together helps children to face new challenges with confidence whilst also enjoying their childhood thoroughly.